The Sheringham Park Design Expo offered 3 concepts for our skatepark - during Saturday and Sunday 13/14th of March, over 150 members of our community dropped by to discuss the ideas and vote for their favourite.

In a huge landslide vote, Maverick Industries won the hearts and minds of the Sheringham people with their stunning design and the unique 'HMS Gnar' boat.

Here's a small selection of comments made during the Expo by the people of Sheringham:

  • 'Just what is needed for Sheringham' - Brian Piggott
  • 'Keep the lads busy' - Jackie Gooch
  • 'Go for the best to last' - Mac McGinn
  • 'Can't wait to skate when it's done' - Neil Woodhouse
  • 'The park's going to be awesome' - Jack Long
  • 'Design looks great, just what the young people in Sheringham need' - L. Mallett

To find out more about our Expo winners, visit Maverick Industries or read more comments and view the gallery on Maverick's Facebook Group